Developing Positive Climate and Behavior Management in a Flipped Classroom

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Aprhodite M. Macale
Marivic S. Lacsamana
Ricardo T. Bagarinao
Edmund G. Centeno
Maria Ana T. Quimbo


This study aimed to examine the positive climate and behavior management aspects of the flipped classroom environment in a Grade 7 science class. Further, it determined the factors that contribute to the establishment of a positive learning classroom environment and management of student behavior in a flipped classroom. The students’ asynchronous pre-class activities included a science courseware developed by the Department of Science and Technology. Meanwhile, the synchronous face-to-face activities involved performing individual and group activities and answering concept questions through peer instruction. The classroom environment was described using the Classroom Assessment Scoring System. The scores obtained during the classroom observation were triangulated using the students’ and teacher’s daily journal entries, and student focus group discussions held at the end of the implementation. Findings showed that the flipped classroom experienced difficulty in establishing a positive climate and facilitating behavior management on the first few days of implementation. However, the scores in positive climate and behavior management gradually increased as the implementation of the flipped classroom progressed. It is worth noting that the flipped classroom exhibited high range scores in the following areas of positive climate – positive affect, relationship, and positive communication; and middle range score for respect. Towards the end of the implementation of the flipped classroom, middle range scores were obtained in the following areas of behavior management – clear behavior expectation, proactive, redirection of misbehavior, and student behavior. Based on the findings, this study discussed the ways of overcoming the challenges in developing a positive climate and behavior management.

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Macale, A. M., Lacsamana, M. S., Bagarinao, R. T., Centeno, E. G., & Quimbo, M. A. T. (2022). Developing Positive Climate and Behavior Management in a Flipped Classroom. International Journal on Open and Distance E-Learning, 8(1). Retrieved from