Assessing the English Grammar Proficiency of Online Filipino English Teachers

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James Michael Pablo


Recent literatures suggested that the English proficiency of Filipinos has been declining in the past decade. Despite this, several English language schools from countries like China, Japan, and Korea still hire Filipino teachers. Many of their stakeholders still believe that Filipinos are the most cost-effective option for their English language learning compared to their international counterparts. However, due to the expansion of the English language learning industry, competitors have started to challenge the affordability of Filipino teachers with native or native-like English teachers at a reasonable price. This study assessed the English grammar proficiency of 401 Filipino English teachers who are currently teaching online. Results showed that 90% of the respondents did not score more than 75% and that they struggled with basic grammar particularly in the use of verbs and adverbs. If Filipino English teachers want to remain competitive and rebrand themselves, they must undertake a self-analysis of their English skills to find their weak points and undergo a training and development program by themselves or with their current employers.

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Pablo, J. M. (2023). Assessing the English Grammar Proficiency of Online Filipino English Teachers. International Journal on Open and Distance E-Learning, 8(2).